Mikrotik выпустил обновление RouterOS 6.34.4 и Winbox v3.4

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Компания Mikrotik на этой неделе представила обновление операционной системы RouterOS до версии 6.34.4, а также утилиты Winbox до версии 3.4. Обновление ROS 6.34.3 уже доступно на официальном сайте, а также через интерфейс управления.

Изменения в RouterOS v6.34.4

+ bonding - fixed crash on bonding slave release;
+ bonding - fixed mac-address disappearance after reboot in specific setups;
+ chr - fixed reboots with license and queues;
+ console - allow unknown scan-list names on wireless configuration to fix import;
+ fastpath - fixed rare kernel failure;
+ ipsec - take into account ip protocol in kernel policy matcher;
+ mac-winbox - try to aggregate packets & resend all pending packets on timeout;
+ ppp - do not crash when received multiple CBCP packets;
+ ppp - fixed crash when ppp interface gets disconnected and user gets authenticated at the same time (most probable with slow RADIUS server);
+ quickset - fixed wan interface selection on devices with SFP interfaces;
+ quickset - use 5GHz interface instead of 2GHz interface on SXT Lite5 ac;
+ rb3011 - fixed high cpu load breaks ethernet stats;
+ rb3011 - fixed link down messages;
+ romon - fixed romon discovery after romon ID change;
+ timezone - fixed reboot by watchdog when selecting timezones from the end of list;
+ userman - fixed www crash;
+ winbox - allow to show revoked & authority flags at the same time;
+ winbox - correctly recognise if there is need to report fan information under system health;
+ winbox - do not use area v2 names instead of ospf v3 area names;
+ winbox - make mac-winbox work with RB850;

Изменения в Winbox v3.4

+ added support for RouterOS v6.35;
+ added Upload button to Files List (for now only button);
+ added Download action to files context menu;
+ remember router note in reconnect window;

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